Monday, December 17, 2012


Mika gave me some flowers he took from the garden, he said "Ini bunga untuk mama" ...

And after that, he put the flowers on the table, took his painting tools, and painted the flowers ... :)

My Weekend

Just staying at home... playing whatever Mika wanted to play.. balls, cars...

On Sunday morning, our neighbor's rabbit 'dropped by' to our backyard while Mika was playing. Before it came, Mika already prepared some grass. He said 'Kalau kelincinya datang, makanannya udah Mika siapin'... and suddenly the rabbit came, ate some grass here and there... and the grass that Mika prepared. Mika was excited. Though, at first, he was a little bit scared to be near the rabbit.. and slowly, he touched the rabbit.

And, there was the dragon fruit... only one, but looks good :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Weekend

HBT Fun Walk 
almost 9 km ~ Senayan Golf Driving Range - Bunderan HI - Senayan Golf Driving Range

Went to Indonesian Readers Festival 2012 at Pasar Festival

Met some of Blogger Buku Indonesia (BBI) friends
(Ana, thanks for the pic)

And these what I brought home :D

  1. The Single Girl’s To-Do List ( Lindsey Kelk) – swapped with Nana
  2. Leg Me Call You Sweetheart (Marry Higgins Clark) – from book war
  3. Tales from the Road (matatita) – from book war
  4. Alanakyla (Kusumastuti) – from book war
  5. Lost Oasis (Robert Twigger) – from book war
  6. Before I Die (Jenny Downham) – swapped with Astrid
  7. A Long Long Sleep (Anna Sheehan) – ‘buntelan’ from Penerbit Serambi
  8. My Ridiculous Romantic Obsession (Becca Wilhite) – swapped with Ana
  9. Player One (Douglas Coupland) – bought at Drive Books, not Car
  10. Perault’s Fairy Tales – bought at bukumoo123

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

My Weekend

I must say, that I had a great weekend

Together with my sister and her kids, we visited The Playgroud at Kemang. Mika was very happy there. He could play on the water splash, and then played at the dry area, and went back to the water splash.

And me… while waiting for Mika … I read these two books and ‘ngemil’ the nachos.


taken at Hero Supermarket - Kota Wisata