Monday, December 10, 2012

My Weekend

HBT Fun Walk 
almost 9 km ~ Senayan Golf Driving Range - Bunderan HI - Senayan Golf Driving Range

Went to Indonesian Readers Festival 2012 at Pasar Festival

Met some of Blogger Buku Indonesia (BBI) friends
(Ana, thanks for the pic)

And these what I brought home :D

  1. The Single Girl’s To-Do List ( Lindsey Kelk) – swapped with Nana
  2. Leg Me Call You Sweetheart (Marry Higgins Clark) – from book war
  3. Tales from the Road (matatita) – from book war
  4. Alanakyla (Kusumastuti) – from book war
  5. Lost Oasis (Robert Twigger) – from book war
  6. Before I Die (Jenny Downham) – swapped with Astrid
  7. A Long Long Sleep (Anna Sheehan) – ‘buntelan’ from Penerbit Serambi
  8. My Ridiculous Romantic Obsession (Becca Wilhite) – swapped with Ana
  9. Player One (Douglas Coupland) – bought at Drive Books, not Car
  10. Perault’s Fairy Tales – bought at bukumoo123

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