Friday, October 28, 2011

Now Reading: Things Your Mother Never Told You

Things Your Mother Never Told You
Olivia Lichtenstein @ 2009
Orion Books - 2009
321 pages

'I hate you. When I'm a mother, I'm never going to be like you...'

These words come back to Ros, years later. Her marriage of twenty years is over; her sons are moving out and her dear mother, Lilian, seems to have taken up residence in her head, reminding her of things she once said. As Ros adapts to sharing custody of the family dog and life without her husband and boys around, she embarks on a new regime: yoga, herbal remedies and internet dating.

But when a parcel arrive containing a portion of her mother’s memoir, Ros discovers a barely recognizable woman within its pages. As long-buried secrets are revealed, Ros finds the journey into her mother’s past could change her own future…

A sharp, funny and touching novel about the secrets mothers and daughters keep from each other.

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