Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello, Monday...!

image via We Heart It

Ok..ok..ok.. my weekend was not as good as I expected.
Yes, we went to PIM. Actually, I wanted to take Mika to cut his hair. But, the place was so full. We were on waiting list, and they would call us back in an hour! But, then Mika slept, and woke up on our way to exit door.

Visited Gramedia, but I was not on the mood of buying books! (Was it good or bad?)

On Sunday, we had bubur ayam for breakfast at Tebet. It was ok and cheap! Then we went home, and just playing with Mika all the long.

Well.. playing with Mika is the only thing that can re-charge my mood. And unfortunately, this Monday didn't start well.

Hope everything will be for the next days, as we will go to Bandung this weekend.

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