Tuesday, March 9, 2010

E-book gratis lagi...

Congratulations. You've snagged an Early Reviewers copy of Booth's Sister by Jane Singer from the February 2010 batch. You should get your copy shortly (either by mail or email, depending on if it was a paper book or ebook). The publishers ships/emails the books directly--some are speedier than others, so please be patient (some really do take over 8 weeks to arrive)!

We hope you find the time to read the book and review it on LibraryThing. (Don't know where to put your review? Try the FAQ). You are free--indeed encouraged--to put your review on your blog, or wherever else you want, and to talk about it in the Early Reviewers group.

I want to repeat that, although writing a review will help your chances of getting more books, the actual content of your review will not.

We hope you like the book! Let me know if you have any questions.


:: asyikkk... dapet e-book lagi dari
librarything.com... hehehe.. yang kemarin aja belom sempet gue baca. duh... "tanggung jawab moral" lagi nih... ::

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