Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now Reading: Girl Friday

Girl Friday
Jane Green @ 2009
Penguin Books - 2010
401 hal.

Since her divorce a year ago,
Kit Hangrove feel she has
finally got her life back on track

Gone is the lonely Wall Street widow she used to be, and her place is a happier, more fulfilled woman, with a new job she loves - working for ├╝berfamous novelist Robert McClore - a small but cosy new home with her children, and the beginnings of a tentative friendship with her ex-husband. She even has time for yoga classes with her new best friend Tracy. The only thing missing is a man. And when Tracy introduces her to Steve - charming, romantic and attentive - Kit wonders if he could be the final piect of the jigsaw.

But Kit doesn't know that Tracy is hiding a secret, one that could destroy their friendship, her happiness with Steve, even her new life. Torn between suspicion and love, Kit doesn't know which way to turn. For there are some betralays that a friendship can't survive.

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